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Finland is a historical country in Europe. It is located in Scandinavia, so its history for centuries has been linked to the Viking history. This European destination has a northern peculiar climate, and it's a country that belongs to the European Union, and is the only Scandinavian country that uses the European coin.

During the Middle Ages and later centuries, these lands that are now part of the country Finland was in dispute between the Republic of Novgorod and Sweden, two powers that ended up dividing the country. Then, in the fifteenth century, Novgorod disappears, absorbed by Russia, or what was at that time the Principality of Moscow. New conflicts with the Swedes make Finland part of the Swedish territory.

In the eighteenth century Finland also experiences another major confrontation, since it’s located between Sweden and Russia. After this war, Finland annexes to Russia, in which during that time period was considered the powerful Imperial Russia.

In the nineteenth century, the Finnish War took place, which was initiated by the Duchy of Finland, as a prelude to their independence, achieved in 1917, during the revolutionary process in Russia. A year later came the civil war, and later, their settlement as a country.

Finland's contemporary history shows numerous points of interest, during World War II, for example, Finland fought against the Russians supported by the Swedes, this fight was produced due to Stalin's plans to extend the Russian territory to the Baltic republics through Finland, Estonia and even spread to Sweden. That is why the Swedes helped Finland, just as the Nazis came to do, although these were expelled from Finland during the historical event known as the Lapland War which took place at the end of World War II.
After the war ended and peace reign the territory, a series of agreements are signed and Finland losses part of its territory, and remains in the Soviet Iron Curtain. After the fall of the USSR in 1991, Finland is decoupled from Russia and joins the European Union years later.

Currently, Finland is a country that is governed under a parliamentary republic regime, with a policy that has a distinction of being one of the least corrupt in the world.

Henceforth, also in Finland, it must be highlighted Turku city, which was the first known city in the country, not surprisingly, its castle; the Castle of Turku is the country's oldest, dating from the thirteenth century. This city was also the capital until that distinction fell to Helsinki. in the middle of a confrontation during the Great Northern War between Sweden, Russia and Finland, who was located in the middle of both countries, after this war, Finland annexes to Russia, in which during that time period was considered the powerful Imperial Russia.

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